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The Stability Program for 2019-23 anticipates €31 million in additional tax revenues from the new maximum tax bracket for AIMI, applicable to Ratable Values (“VPT”) above €2 million. The Additional to Municipal Property Tax was first created in 2017 targeting luxury properties.

Beyond the standard “IMI” assessment, Companies are charged AIMI at a rate of 0.4% on the sum of the Ratable Values of these properties. Residences held by entities in tax havens pay 7.5%. In the case of individual ownership, an AIMI rate of 0.7% is applied on “VPT” totals above €600,000 (or double this amount for married and cohabiting couples who opt for joint “IRS” declarations). When the “VPT” values exceed €1 million, the tax rate increases to 1%. The new bracket, created in the recent State Budget to be applied for the first time in 2019, foresees an AIMI tax rate of 1.5%, applicable to “VPT” amounts above €2 million.